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Are you Looking for a smog test shop  you can trust? Look no further!

See why we are the best smog check inspection station anywhere in the Napa county area. No shop is as quick, qualified, or convenient. All of our technicians are ASE certified, with over 20 years of combined experience. We offer smog check for cars, trucks, RV's, out of state vehicles, initial registration test, change of ownership, gross polluters and all diesel vehicles. Quick convenient and hassle free smog test service in Napa county.

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If your Vehicle Registration Renewal has wording like SMOG Certification Required at a Star Station you need to go to a station like us. If you need a regular smog for any vehicle or any reason we can also smog your vehicle with Quick Convenient and hassle free smog check service.

What is Star Station? 

A Star Station is a smog check station that is allowed to do only smog no repairs. If your car fails smog check you need to go to a test and repair station. A Star Certified smog check center has an obligation to insure a non-biased smog test inspection. They can not perform repairs and can not profit by failing your car. 

Why I have to go to a Star Certified Center? 

In order to comply with state of CALIFORNIA laws department of Consumer affairs/Bureau of Automotive Repairdirects vehicles that are more likely to fail called High Emitter Profile or Gross Polluters to a Star Certified Center and two percent of the vehicles that are driven on California roads are directed to test only centers so overall effectiveness of the Smog Check Program.

What is High Emitter Profile? 

All the gasoline powered vehicles driven on California roads are required to get emission test every two years or change of ownership all the data collected from smog inspection goes into database called Vehicle Identification Database (VID) The VID is used by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), BAR, and other government agencies. In addition, general vehicle data such as make, model-year, vehicle miles traveled, high mileage, very low mileage for age, emissions-related recalls/technical service bulletins, a history of failing smog tests, vehicles was tested by a technician/station that received a citation, pattern problems and engine size help define the HEP.

Vehicles Exempt from Smog Check :
1975 and older vehicles
Natural gas powered vehicle weighing more than 14000 pounds
Diesel vehicles 1997 & Older

Electrical vehicles